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How should irrigation systems prevent damage from freezing?

Recently, the weather is getting colder and colder, and many customers have this question: winter is coming, how should irrigation systems prevent damage from freezing?

Under Different external conditions, the measures to antifreeze drainage of irrigation system are also different. mainly three methods: "manual drainage method", "automatic drainage method" and "compressed air method".

A.Manual Drainage Method
With manual drainage, it is important to ensure that the irrigation system is designed to meet the drainage requirements after drainage.
Manual drainage valves are mostly ball valves, gate valves or pipes with plugs. Under normal circumstances, manual drainage valves are installed at the lowest point of the main drainage line. If there are multiple low-lying areas in the irrigation system, manual drainage valves are installed at each place.
A certain slope condition must be guaranteed in the construction process of this method, so as to facilitate the water discharged from the pipeline to converge into the drainage well, and avoid safety accidents and waste of irrigation water.

B.Automatic Drainage Method

Automatic drainage device is generally installed in the branch line or with the sprinkler installed together.Every time the system shuts down, the water in the sprinkler or pipe is drained automatically.
It is better to use a manual drain valve in the main pipeline of irrigation system than an automatic device, because the automatic drain valve automatically discharges water after the system is closed. If installed in the main pipeline system, it will cause a large amount of waste of irrigation water.

C.Compressed Air Method

Compressed air method is through the input of compressed air into the pipeline, with manual or automatic drain valve, to achieve the effect of drainage.
When using the method of compressed air, we must pay attention to safety. In the process of work, the operator should wear protective glasses and stay away from the place where the buried pipeline, sprinkler or solenoid valve is installed to ensure personal safety.
In addition, it is necessary to select and use an appropriate compressed air flow. Excessive air pressure can easily cause damage to pipelines and other equipment, which in turn will cause personal safety and equipment property damage to the personnel involved in the project.

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