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>News >Company news >The measures for water-saving irrigation…

The measures for water-saving irrigation

A. Engineering measures. Such as the construction of pools, water cellars, mountain ponds, reservoirs and other water source projects; anti-seepage treatment of channels, conversion of open channels into pipelines for water delivery, complete canal systems, various gates and valves on pipelines, installation of water measurement and measurement Adopt advanced irrigation methods such as sprinkler irrigation and micro-irrigation, improve traditional ground irrigation techniques such as furrow irrigation, border irrigation, and flood irrigation, and promote the use of spot irrigation such as water injection irrigation to resist drought and protect seedlings.

B. Agronomic measures. For example, according to the local water source conditions, adopt suitable water planting, adjust the planting structure of crops, and plant varieties with less water consumption and drought resistance; adopt land leveling, deep ploughing and loosening, increase the application of organic fertilizer, improve soil aggregate structure, and increase soil water storage capacity; Measures such as plastic film or crop straw mulching, cultivating, raking, and suppression are used to protect moisture and reduce water evaporation loss.

C. Management measures. Such as formulating policies and regulations to encourage water saving, adjusting water prices, promoting people to save water with economic methods, guiding irrigation with water-saving irrigation system, perfecting the water pipe organization at the grass-roots level, perfecting water-saving rules and regulations, implementing water-saving responsibility system, etc. Besides, we should strengthen water-saving publicity, exchange experience, hold training courses and popularize water-saving knowledge.

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