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How does the micro sprinkler systems work?

The working principle of the micro-sprinkler irrigation technology is simple. It is an irrigation method in which water is delivered through a low-pressure water delivery pipeline system, and the water is sprinklered on the soil and the surface of the crop with a small flow rate and water droplets through the irrigator (micro-sprinkler) at the end of the pipeline.It is a new type of irrigation technology gradually formed on the basis of drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation, fully combining the advantages of drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. When micro-sprinkler irrigation is used for irrigation, the water flow is sprayed from the micro-sprinkler nozzle at a relatively large flow rate. Under the action of the air resistance and the micro-sprinkler flow path, the water flow is dispersed into smaller water droplets and falls on the soil surface or crops.Since the water flow velocity of the micro-sprinkler is higher than the flow rate and flow rate of the drip irrigation, it not only increases the irrigation efficiency, but also significantly reduces the occurrence of the clogging problem of the irrigator. Micro-sprinkler irrigation can also spray soluble (easy soluble) fertilizers directly on the soil surface around the crop leaves or roots along with the irrigation water, saving fertilizer consumption and improving fertilization efficiency.

Fog sprinkler irrigation (also known as mist irrigation) is similar to micro-sprinklers, but also uses micro-sprinklers to spray water, but the working pressure is higher (0.2-0.4MPa). Therefore, the water droplets ejected from the micro nozzle are extremely fine and form mist. Generally, when we need better atomization effect, we can use cross atomization micro nozzle, the working pressure does not need to be so high, and the atomization effect is good.

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