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How to choose the suitable irrigation sprinklers?

Sprinkler irrigation equipment is widely used in agriculture, forestry, plantation and other fields, and theirrigation sprinkler directly determines effectiveness of irrigation effluent.
When choosing a sprinkler, we first need to know our range and suitable angle.Generally speaking, a suitable sprinkler with its range and adjustable angle can cover a large area and spray evenly.It directly determines the efficiency of the sprinkler irrigation system.The droplets that come out of the sprinkler directly determine the result.Because the size of the water droplets has a direct impact on the absorption of the soil. The pores of the soil are directly closed, which leads to the absorption of water by the soil, which is prone to water flow. However, the use of sprinkler head slightly spraying can slowly moisten the soil, so that the spraying effect is also obvious.
It is very important to choose a suitable sprinkler. When we choose, we can choose the appropriate equipment to use from the range of the equipment. Remember that the range and variables of the same sprinkler are at different pressures and different accessories. are different. If there are obvious basic parameters of the equipment when choosing, be sure to ask the relevant staff clearly about the parameters before selecting the appropriate sprinkler.
The installation height of the sprinkler will affect the spraying range. The higher the spray, the farther the spray is. This is also a point that we need to pay attention to during use, because some crops are suitable for high-angle spraying, and some heights are inappropriate Sprayed. Therefore, when choosing sprinkler irrigation, it is necessary to consider various aspects from the scope of spraying, the degree of water spraying and the height of installation, in order to choose a suitable sprinkler irrigation sprinkler equipment.

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